K-pop stars Blackpink turn PUBG into a beautiful stage for new music video "Ready for Love"

K-pop stars Blackpink Band has teamed up with PUBG to launch a new song featuring a 3D animated video from inside the video game world, titled "Ready for Love" and featuring virtual avatars of the band. Because they sing in a post-apocalyptic landscape and ride motorcycles on abandoned highways. The song, titled "Ready for Love", was teased during the group's virtual concert.

The Korean musical force and the world-dominated battle royale game have joined forces several times over the past year. This has resulted in what is today referred to by some as the "Metaverse Moment",

The virtual concert and video follow in the footsteps of other in-game performances, most notably those in Fortnite, which has featured the likes of Travis Scott and Ariana Grande.

As for Blackpink and PUBG Mobile, the collaboration isn’t quite over. The in-game concert — dubbed “The Virtual” — is still running through this weekend. Players in North and South America can check it out until July 30th, while the rest of the world has until the 31st.

These crossover deals are potentially very lucrative for everyone involved. While we don’t have any revenue or earnings data on the history of BLACKPINK and PUBG here, it’s reported that Travis Scott earned around $20 million for his Fortnite collaboration, which included just a single, pre-rendered performance in-game, and the sale of skins and emotes. It seems very likely that the BLACKPINK collab is probably making everyone involved pretty rich. Well, more rich.

Fortnite, meanwhile, has slowed down in terms of its big musical performances. Its last major one was Ariana Grande’s “Rift Tour,” which was almost a year ago in August 2021. Reportedly the pandemic delayed some plans, and rumors have suggested a previously planned Lady Gaga concert may indeed still happen someday. I also suspect Fortnite may be trying to recruit Billie Eilish for a show, given what a big fan Fortnite chief Donald Mustard is of the singer, but we’ll see. Nothing announced out of that camp for a while, so head to PUBG to see BLACKPINK instead. There’s one more shot to see the performance coming July 29-31.